Providing a broad range of confidential investigative and research support to law firms, insurance carriers, and other organizations. Assignments, whether very small or complex, are undertaken with tact, persistence, and attention to detail.

Damon Data Services
Meriden, Connecticut

Phone: 203-238-7161


  • Civil & criminal case expertise
  • Witness interviews & statements
  • Persons located nationwide
  • Backgrounds: people & businesses
  • Matters of Town, State & Fed. agencies
  • Advanced computer & web research
  • Hard-copy archives know-how
  • Skilled still photography & video
  • Client Examples           Case Examples

    Connecticut State-licensed
    Member: Connecticut Association of Licensed Private Investigators (CALPI)

    Excerpt from unsolicited Letter to Damon Data
    from Attorney Michael Sherman of Stamford, CT

    "When an attorney defends someone for the charge of Murder, he feels an incredibly heavy responsibility and obligation. I cannot tell you how greatly you helped me carry that burden. There is absolutely no question in my mind that without your efforts in this case, my client may very well have wound up serving a life sentence. The extra effort you made in speaking to witnesses, and getting that extra pound of flesh out of their souls, made all the difference in the world in this case.

    The mere fact that you were able to not only locate some of these people, but corral them into court, is nothing short of miraculous. The reports that you furnished me with were a concise summary of not only what each witness would say, but how they would say it, and what their faults and assets were. These reports were totally indispensable."

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